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The Origins of the Low-Carb Movement

Tweet Many of today’s “low-carb” diet doctors and so-called experts go to great lengths to stress that their diets are not “no-carb” diets, but they are low-carb, meaning that they encourage their adherents to eat from the vegetable kingdom thus making them appear healthier to those who believe in the principles of the mixed or balanced diet.  […]

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Cognitive Dissonance

Tweet I’ve already written why exercise does not help us much with weight loss.  M.R.C. Greenwood found in 1981 that lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity increases in muscles during exercise (thus enhancing the absorption of fatty acids by muscles for fuel) and decreases when the workout is over.  At the same time, LPL activity decreases in […]

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Is Diabetes Caused by Consuming Sugar?

Tweet According to the American Diabetic Association, this question is a diabetes myth that has no standing.  They answer the question on their website like this:   Myth #3  Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.  No.  Diabetes is caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors.  However, being overweight does increase your risk for […]

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The Diseases of Civilization

Tweet F.T. SAI of the Food and Agricultural Organization, regional nutrition officer for Africa in 1967, said that “The potato took 200-250 years in spite of organized encouragement, to become accepted in England.  It took only fifty years in Irealand.  Maize and casava have come to be accepted in parts of Africa in considerably less […]

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Does a High-Fat Diet Cause Breast Cancer?

Tweet In 1976, the suggestion that a high-fat diet could lead to cancer was made in George McGovern’s “Diet and Killer Disease” hearings.  It was ultimately cited in Dietary Goals for the United States as one reason Americans should eat a low-fat diet as opposed to a cholesterol-lowering diet (where fat calories would have remained […]

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