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Benefits of Zero-Carb – The Challenge!

Tweet One of the members of our Discussion Forum held a 100-word challenge to see who could come up with the best description of the benefits of a zero-carb diet. I thought these attempts were fabulous and decided to share them with the blog today: (These are not presented in any particular order. This is […]

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Carbohydrate-Induced Lipemia

Tweet Pete Ahrens of Rockefellar University was considered by many investigators to be the single best scientist in the field of lipid metabolism.  He observed how the triglyceride levels of some patients go up on low-fat diets and they fall on high fat diets.  Ahrens called this carbohydrate-induced lipemia (an excessive concentration of fat in […]

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Obesity Among the Poor Part 2

Tweet Researchers studied the Sioux of the South Dakota Crow Creek Reservation in the 1920s, Arizona Apaches in the late 1950s, North Carolina Cherokees in the early 1960s and Oklahoma tribes in the 1970s and they reported levels of obesity comparable to that in the United States today, but in populations living in extreme poverty, […]

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Obesity Among the Poor Part 1

Tweet Obesity research literature dates back further than the current epidemic.  Any hypothesis that purports to explain the cause of obesity must explain obesity emergence in all populations at any time.  The Pima Indians of southwestern Arizona are now infamous for having the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the United States.  Today, the […]

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Why We Eat Too Much

Tweet In a society where obesity is the principal nutritional disease, one easily forgets the horrible things that lack of food and drink can do to the human body. Yet obesity itself is merely a form of hunger in disguise. The specter of overweight stalks some of us the way starvation stalks others, because our […]

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