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The Fat of the Land, Part 3

Tweet During the Bellevue experiment, Stefansson perceived that he and Andersen endured the hot New York summer somewhat better than the average New Yorker. Their friends felt they were suffering because they “knew” that meat is not good to eat in the heat. They made a point of demonstrating to their friend how well they […]

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The Fat of the Land, Part 2

Tweet Stefansson quoted a very strange comment from the Christian Science Monitor back in September 1944 that “people like what they eat rather than eat what they like.” The committee on Food Habits of the National Research Council found during a survey that people with lower income tended to prefer non-meat dishes. This seemed to […]

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The Fat of the Land

Tweet The people of Iceland have the same sentiment for fat as those of the Hebrews in the Bible. Once upon a time it was rather universal with mankind in all lands and climates that fats are the best of foods. Many religions also set apart the choicest fats of animals for sacrifice and worship. […]

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The Home Life of the Stone Age Eskimo, Part Three

Tweet The Ancient Hebrews knew what they were talking about when they praised “fat things full of marrow” because a skinny beast did not have much. When a marrow-bearing animal gets so thin that the eyes begin to recede, because of the gradual disappearance of the fat behind the eye, practically all fat has disappeared […]

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The Home Life of the Stone Age Eskimo, Part Two

Tweet I come across much speculation regarding the so-called primative Eskimo.  There are many rumors circulating as to how they attained an existence free of the chronic diseases of civilization such as eating the entire animal, having some genetic protection, etc.  All of these opinions fall short of the observations as you will soon discover. […]

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