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Statins Can Lower Blood Clot Risk — And?

Tweet It shouldn’t surprise us that drugs have many effects beyond what they are marketed to do. We know that with statins, there have been some encouraging studies. However, the majority of the optimism is based on a flawed theory. There can be no doubt that statins can help certain people who have had heart […]

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Eating Red Meat Increases Risk, Again?

Tweet Yet another group of researchers have come out with a study indicating that eating red meat leads to greater risk of death.  It’s amazing that this only seems to happen among Western nations.  Those native populations who are meat eaters don’t seem to have the diseases of civilization as we’ve said all along on […]

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The Shamrock Half-Marathon

Tweet This past weekend, I participated in my third Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA.  The fun all started on Friday afternoon, when I took off on a very warm and sunny Raleigh day.  I stayed at the LaQuinta in Norfolk, VA.  Many people choose to stay at one of the oceanfront hotels which is […]

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Beef: King of the US? The Conclusion!

Tweet Beef consumption took off with the fast food industry leaving pork on the launching pad.  It was not until the 1980s that pork began to appear on fast-food menus and then only as a component in breakfast specials.  The McRib did not do very well because customers complained that it was messy and didn’t […]

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Beef: King of the US? Part 2

Tweet New Yorkers and New Englanders apparently never developed a similar passion for pork.  They preferred beef to either fresh or preserved pork.  Even though between 1854 and 1860 there was 132 million pounds of cattle sold compared to 32 million pounds of pork, it was still pork that was used to celebrate the Fourth […]

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