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A Dissertation on Fatty Meat

Tweet From the book, Our Kind, Anthropologist Marvin Harris guides us through human’s fondness for fatty meat. Humans are omnivores, consumers of both plants and animals.  Yet virtually all human groups along with most of our primate cousins make a fuss about animal foods.  Even vegetarians like India’s Brahmans or Jains prize the consumption of […]

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Afraid of Swine Flu? Stop Eating Carbohydrates!

Tweet The Swine Flu is taking over the world. It started in Mexico and is spreading quickly. Cuba suspended flights to and from Mexico on Tuesday, becoming the first country to impose a travel ban, as the fast-moving swine flu strain extended its reach overseas and in the United States. Later in the day Argentina […]

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Fondness for Meat

Tweet In the book, Our Kind, anthropologist Marvin Harris provides this scenario: 
The open country beckoned with another resource. In the forest, animals tend to be small, furtive, difficult to see. But the savanna teemed with visible herds. From time to time a stick-carrying group of australopithecines would encounter an infant gazelle or antelope that […]

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Can One Beat Diabetes?

Tweet Believe it or not (And I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t due to the news we hear and read about in the media) there are some diabetics who manage to turn things around, getting their blood sugar under control (either escaping the need for drugs or improving enough to quit taking them) and […]

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Men’s Health

Tweet Talk about an exasperating magazine. This publication can have conflicting advice many times within the same issue. They like to take little snippets from studies and give dietary advice based on them. Sometimes they are right on the mark. Other times, they are out in left field as are most of the so-called experts. […]

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