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The Link Between Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Tweet Danish researchers said on Tuesday they have found the strongest evidence yet that an often ignored form of cholesterol can cause heart attacks. They said people with higher levels of a little-understood form of cholesterol called lipoprotein (a), which varies up to a thousand fold from one person to another, were also more likely […]

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High Carbohydrate Foods Can Raise Heart Disease Risk

Tweet So, the “experts” have finally “connected the dots” as to how we really affect our arteries. Since the 1950s, they have erroneously claimed that fat clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. In the United States, the National Institutes of Health has spent millions of dollars on large dietary trials and NONE of them […]

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The Positive Energy Balance

Tweet Why would anyone willingly continue to overeat or remain sedentary if obesity is the undesirable state it certainly appears to be? Why would energy balance remain positive when there is so much time to stop the process and maybe reverse it? If a positive energy balance can be turned around by exercise and calorie […]

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Listen To Your Body!

Tweet When people begin a zero-carb diet, they are advised to listen to their own bodies for the most guidance. Indeed, we start with a set of foods listed in the Bear’s article, 7 Rules of a Carnivore, but then we evaluate those foods and their effect on our bodies. As the saying goes, “It’s […]

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Vitamin D and Fish Oil To Be Tested – Finally!

Tweet Two of the most popular and promising dietary supplements — vitamin D and fish oil — will be tested in a large, government-sponsored study to see whether either nutrient can lower a healthy person’s risk of getting cancer, heart disease or having a stroke. The study will be one of the first big nutrition […]

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