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FDA Warns Against Steroids

Tweet I’m on my way to Chicago today, getting ready to run in the Rock-n-Roll Chicago Half-Marathon on Sunday. Also, members of the Discussion forum and I are getting ready to enjoy ourselves at a Brazilian steakhouse for my pre-race meal on Saturday night. I don’t eat carbohydrates so I’ll be understandably missing the pasta […]

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Nearly 10 Percent of Health Spending on Obesity

Tweet In one of the biggest understatements of the year, new research shows medical spending averages $1,400 more a year for an obese person than someone who’s normal weight. Overall obesity-related health spending reaches $147 billion, double what it was nearly a decade ago, says the study published Monday by the journal Health Affairs. If […]

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Feeding a Family for Less $?

Tweet Many people have been wondering and debating whether or not they could feed their family, good and wholesome food on a limited budget. Many people think that ZC is a diet for wealthy people in that perhaps we only sit around eating ribeyes and porterhouses. The truth is, after one gets adapted to the […]

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What if the Doctor is Fat too?

Tweet I read an interesting article in the Times which contained the inner turmoil that a doctor goes through when giving the tired advice of moving more and eating less to an overweight person when the doctor himself is overweight. How on earth, I was thinking, am I supposed to give sound nutritional advice when […]

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Experimental Obesity Drug Mimics ZC (Almost…)

Tweet There have been many weight loss drugs over the years, and some were very controversial. We had a recent one that caused users to soil their garments if they ate too much fat. What a disaster! Then, there was the famous Phen-Fen which was actually one that worked — at least until it was […]

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