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Life Expectancy Reaches an All-Time High!

Tweet They way I rant and rave on this blog, you would think that our life expectancy in this country should be at an all-time low. After all, I’m always saying that high insulin is responsible for all chronic disease and we know that carbohydrate consumption is at an all-time high yet we’re managing to […]

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American Heart Association Says Cut Back on Sugar!

Tweet Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Can it be? Am I just imagining this headline? Or does someone finally get it? Not only am I providing the headline, but I’m also providing the actual study for your consumption. In the study, they do acknowledge many of the things […]

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Poor Diet Leaves Kids Vulnerable to Health, Learning Problems

Tweet This headline really grabbed my attention because this is happening in the city where I work, Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s already well-known that obesity is quite a bit higher in the South than it is in other parts of the nation. If that’s true for the adults, then obviously the children must really be […]

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Conflicting Studies Foil Health Efforts

Tweet I expect a healthy amount of skepticism from readers of this blog. After all, the things that I write here certainly run counter to anything most people have ever considered. To be healthy, one is told to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I, however, do not eat a balanced […]

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Detroit Tries Peddling Produce to Curb Obesity

Tweet Because of the evil vitamin theories that we have, we are unable to ascertain the true cause of obesity or malnutrition. In the days of explorers and their quest to winter over in the Arctic, it was always believed that a diet filled with fresh produce and fruits were the keys to both curing […]

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