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Meat-Eaters Aren’t at More Risk for Brain Cancer

Tweet Despite theories to the contrary, adults who eat a lot of meat may not have a heightened risk of the most common type of malignant brain tumor, a new study finds. It seems that those awful cured meats with nitrates and nitrites are just fine! We examine this in today’s video blog!

This […]

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Flu Can Cause Heart Attacks

Tweet According to a new study out of London, heart patients may be especially susceptible to a heart attack if they get the flu. This is especially important during this swine flu pandemic. Based on this, they are urging all heart patients to get vaccinated. British researchers analyzed 39 previous studies of heart patients and […]

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Few Americans are at Low Risk for Heart Disease

Tweet Now that’s a pretty powerful headline, if you ask me. All of the treatment for chronic disease in this country is concerned about heart disease. If you notice, they all call for the same preventive measures: Diet, exercise, plenty of sunlight, etc. Even in diabetes, it’s clear that the main issue has to do […]

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Dementia toll climbs to 35 million worldwide

Tweet In this week’s video blog, I examine one of the latest headlines. While age is the biggest driver of Alzheimer’s, some of the same factors that trigger heart disease — obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes — seem to increase the risk of dementia, too. Those are problems also on the rise in many developing countries. […]

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Exercise Can Extend Survival Even in Seniors

Tweet Back in high school, I can still hear my physics teacher saying over and over again that: Correlation does not equal Cause Despite this straightforward and very true law, I continue to see headlines on studies that are making mountains out of molehills. They get totally lost in associations and it makes their conclusions […]

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