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If You’re Overweight, Can You Blame the Internet?

Tweet Some headlines are just so unbelievable, I really have to click them just to see if they are serious! However, when I think about it, this is not so far-fetched according to the leading theory. People are supposedly overweight because they are too sedentary and they eat too much. This one kind of flies […]

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Long Term Effects of Ketogenic Diet in Obese Subjects with High Cholesterol Level

Tweet Some headlines just seem to catch us by surprise. We’re always complaining that none of these dietary studies seem to include people who really restrict their carbohydrates. They call “low-carb” 40 grams and even 60 grams per day and this doesn’t fit the “low-carb” definition of anyone I know. But when you begin to […]

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Moderate Fat May be Better at Reducing Heart Disease Risks

Tweet No, I’m not giving up…..That headline comes from the American Heart Association. They now suggest that a moderate-fat diet may work better than a low-fat regimen for people suffering from metabolic syndrome, a collection of conditions putting them at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. They claim that that this has been their recommendation all […]

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Gems from the Discussion Forum

Tweet Happy Friday everyone. I have no idea what to write about today, so I thought I would share some of the magic that goes on daily at the discussion forum. We have a thread called “The Best Stuff I Read Right Here on ZIOH.” “No addict gets healthy by continuing to consume their addictive […]

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Lack of Exercise NOT to Blame for Teen Obesity

Tweet And I did not come up with this headline by myself! It does sound like something I would say, doesn’t it? It’s very true. Well, I’ve found some people to agree with my assessment. A new study found that children are pretty much just as active as they used to be and that we […]

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