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Cereal For Dinner? Recession Boosts General Mills

Tweet I just wrote last week, how General Mills made a decision to reduce the sugar in their products. According to them, it was not due to any pressure from outside influences, but they just thought it was the good thing to do. So, the “everything in moderation” rhetoric is the guiding principle for them, […]

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Your Unstoppable Heart – Men’s Health Gets It Right!

Tweet Every now and then, the magazine, Men’s Health manages to come up with an article that can be truly life-changing. The first one was The Cure for Diabetes which is probably the one article that truly set me on my way to great health. They had another one which was nearly as good, called […]

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General Mills Reducing Sugar in Kids’ Cereals

Tweet Well, it’s about time, don’t you think? I remember from reading Gary Taubes epic work, Good Calories, Bad Calories, where the obesity researchers were closely tied to the sugar and soft drink industries and they defended sugar claiming that it was not in any way unhealthy. Now, it seems we have a bit of […]

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Sedentary Behavior and the Gym

Tweet Well, we’re reaching that time of the year again where many people will overindulge (according to the popular theory) on holiday sweets and put on some pounds. Invariably, they will feel bad about themselves and begin to reflect on the coming year and the fact that they would like to be healthy in the […]

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Colon Cancer Deaths Could Decrease

Tweet “Could” is the operative word. I took a break for a little while and then had some trouble finding some good headlines that made me jump up and down. This one does just that. Why? Because they always try to include some scare tactics in there. If red meat causes colon cancer, then why […]

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