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BBC Reports that Well-Done Meat Doubles Bladder Cancer Risk

Tweet In another badly conducted study, researchers have found an association between those who eat red meat and those who develop cancer. They report this as if there are no other associations that they could discover. The tell-tale sign of such a study usually includes words like this: Cancer experts said that more research was […]

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Why We Eat When We’re Not Hungry

Tweet A recent headline attempted to answer this question using all sorts of external stimuli and suggests various behaviors that might allow the consumer some control over the problem. I think all of these things contribute to the difficulty of controlling eating, but none of them really answer the question. The problem will never go […]

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Too Much Sugar Increases Heart Disease Risk

Tweet Readers of this blog already know my feelings on this and most of you have experience cutting sugar and watching your health improve. Researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that people who ate more added sugar were more likely to have higher risk factors for heart disease, such as higher […]

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White Bread Raises Women’s Heart Risk

Tweet Some headlines are just tailor-made for me. I tell you. When I scanned the news this morning and saw this, my first reaction was, “Gee, you think.” But most people think that bread is pretty innocuous because it’s low in calories. Many people have a problem with white bread favoring whole wheat, but that […]

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Trans Fats Can Be Deadly

Tweet Especially, for women. Trans fats are often found in processed foods, margarine, or shortening, and in fried foods. They are commonly added to food products to extend their shelf life. I know it’s difficult for people to imagine, but once upon a time we didn’t have our food shipped across the country in order […]

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