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Esophageal Cancer Rates Rise Steeply in Men

Tweet Have you ever wondered why some people could smoke their entire lives and be just fine and some could get cancer from second-hand smoke? It was clear that when people stopped smoking for the most part, the rates of cancer decreased dramatically — at least, with regard to cancer of the esophagus. It’s pretty […]

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Weight Loss Surgeries in England on the Rise

Tweet The US and England clearly have a well-known history but we have also mirrored each other in many areas. In the early 1900s, for example, we were both nations full of meat eaters who rarely if ever touched a vegetable. Cancer was pretty much unheard of and only the really aged among us came […]

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Eating Bad Food Briefly Has Lasting Consequences

Tweet Say that five times really quickly…. To understand this headline properly, you have to understand the perspective that the researchers have. This is a new Swedish study that suggests that even after a person is successful with the accepted way to lose weight — diet and exercise, that a bout of overeating can coupled […]

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Liposuction: Just suck it all away forever

Tweet Proponents wish it were that easy. The horrible dietary advice that permeates the world has given rise to this ugly procedure. It’s all about diet and exercise but we all (or at least we should) realize that this doesn’t work in most cases and when it doesn’t, we need a backup plan. One is […]

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Tweet I feel really bad these days for the egg producers. They are once again getting the blame for America’s poor diet. Almost 2,000 illnesses from the strain of salmonella linked to the eggs were reported between May and July, about 1,300 more than usual. No deaths have been reported. The CDC is continuing to […]

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