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Daily Red Meat Increases Chances of Dying Early

Tweet Really? Then I’m in trouble because I eat red meat at least twice daily if not more. My “risk” must be through the roof. Am I worried about it? Not at all. Every now and then I get an article that is so ridiculous, I just don’t know where to begin. Nevertheless, I have […]

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Urban Living

Tweet I take public transportation to work and use it practically every single day. I take both busses and trains. Since I’ve moved to a large city, I have seen the obesity epidemic up close. It’s very plain to see why it is so prevalent. As I’ve written in this space so many times, obesity […]

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Dr. Oz Cancer Scare and Nonstick Pans

Tweet Apparently the great Dr. Oz found out what many other people already know. Anyone who eats the Standard American Diet is basically in the middle of a crap-shoot. A game of chance. “The only thing holding me back from a terrible outcome is the dumb luck that I checked myself out for the show.” […]

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Eat Fat, Be Thin!

Tweet Whenever I see that a nutritionist has seen the light, it’s truly a spiritual experience. I’m telling you, it’s quite an event. This goes against all their training and education. It’s even dangerous to take such a position because you can lose professional credibility among those of your religion. Yes, I said it. Modern […]

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