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Halloween: Another Excuse to Eat Poorly

Tweet Halloween is just another one of those days that prove we give lip service to the problem of obesity and overweight. Everyone feels for the poor children and contend that they deserve these sugary treats, in moderation, of course. The problem is, this candy will be around in houses, office buildings, places of worship, […]

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Can Restricting Carbs Extend Life?

Tweet Of course, that remains to be seen even though I do look as though I have shaved some twenty years off of my life by getting healthy. However, there is one geneticist who thinks it just may be possible. Professor Cynthia Kenyon, whom many experts believe should win the Nobel Prize for her research […]

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One in Three Will Have Diabetes

Tweet This is a “grab your muskets” wake-up call. The Center for Disease Control has issued a report that they hope will be a call to arms against a seriously growing threat. If present trends continue, one in three Americans will have this disease in just 20 years. It’s also the seventh leading cause of […]

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Alzheimer’s Tied to B-12 Deficiency

Tweet Let us get the obvious out of the way quickly. The cluster of diseases known as metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X, the Diseases of Civilization, etc, are all “tied” or linked together with a myriad of associations. Most observers and experts realize that the entire cluster is preventable since it does not occur in isolated […]

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Traditional Mediterranean Diet May Cut Diabetes Risk

Tweet I’m constantly amazed at how many times supposed “experts” trot out this diet as being healthy for anything. In Ancel Keys studies, after 15 years of observation, it was obvious in 1984 that only the Mediterranean villages of Crete and Corfu had a better chance of surviving death from any cause than US Railroad […]

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