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Vegan No More

Tweet I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday. I most certainly did. I returned to find a post on our Facebook page about Tasha, the Voracious! I’ve read accounts such as this many times, but I was impressed not only with the way she responded, but the way she was able to reconcile her […]

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Epilepsy’s Big Fat Miracle

Tweet The New York Times ran a recent article by Mr. Fred Voglestein where he details the plight of a family dealing with epilepsy. When it comes to the ketogenic diet’s impact on pediatric seizures, there is wide acceptance in the medical community. There are about two dozen backward-looking analyses of patient data suggesting a […]

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Grassfed vs. Grainfed

Tweet We have a once-popular thread on our forum by the same name as my title here. In that thread, we had people discussing the merits of either grass-fed or grain-finished beef. I have long opined that factory farming is actually one of the best things that human beings have managed to come up with. […]

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Understanding Cholesterol

Tweet There is still far too much misinformation readily available about cholesterol. I just wrote yesterday about how I actually like the idea that people are using the internet to find solutions to medical issues, especially with the inability of the medical community to cure any disease. Again, they are very good at keeping us […]

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Internet Fuels Bad Self-Diagnosis

Tweet The medical community has a serious problem. They are unable to cure any of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome so therefore they resort to blaming the public for their ills. They claim we don’t exercise enough and we eat too much and that’s why we’re so ill. Yet they can’t tell us why we […]

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