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Exercise No Help Against Bad Diet

Tweet I’ve written many times that one cannot out run or out lift a bad diet. It’s amazing to me how many people think that this is possible. It’s not. Get over it already. If you eat carbohydrates, you have a great chance of ruining your metabolism such that you will gain weight as you […]

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Blame Carbs for America’s Ills

Tweet Thanks to one of our members on the discussion forum, I found this article, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times. I would have been more impressed if it was the writings of scientists I hadn’t heard of, but nevertheless, it is a nice treatment of the issue. A growing number of top nutritional […]

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Link Between Sugar and Mental Illness

Tweet In case you didn’t know, mental instability is also a component of metabolic syndrome. It takes longer to develop but it’s still very much a part of the collection of symptoms. Already, stories are out there showing that the greater amount of insulin circulating in the bloodstream, the less able the body is able […]

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Veganism Kills!

Tweet I saw a very fascinating article on one of my favorite actresses, Angelina Jolie. She’s always marched to her own beat so I’m sure she’s not concerned about the backlash she’s sure to receive from those of the veggie religion. But I’m very impressed and proud of her. In interviews prior to the release […]

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Know a Picky Eater?

Tweet Well, you know me. Can there be any more of a picky eater than someone who eats predominantly beef and water? Sarah Ashley of Shine on Yahoo has referred to this “picky eating” as something that a person suffers from. According to Ms. Ashley, the picky eater might experience intense stress in social situations […]

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