Most Medical Advice is Wrong!

I really thought about a less inflammatory title, but I just couldn’t come up with one. You may have a hard time believing this and that’s okay. It goes against all your beliefs. But if you are a student of science, where hypotheses are rigorously tested and tried, and you await results prior to taking action, then you will have an easier time with statements such as this. I’m not alone in my opinion. Sharon Begley wrote a wonderful piece in Newsweek, entitled, Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine is Wrong.

I’ve written many times in this space about the problem of preventive medicine. I’ve described the medical community as a science that functions more like a religion. They champion exotic theories and commission expensive studies yet pass on their interventions to the public long before any evidence comes in that they work. The damning results are usually downplayed, spun, or not reported at all. When we finally hear that the intervention was wrong, the belief is so embedded in the public consciousness that it’s impossible to eradicate it.

How many people believed that garlic lowered cholesterol, or that hormone replacement therapy worked. In fact, it makes a person more prone to breast cancer. How about statins or vitamin D? Statins are no insurance against heart disease if you’ve never had a heart attack. Vitamin D is readily available without the need for supplements and won’t save anyone from osteoporosis. Vitamin E does not prevent cardiovascular disease and estrogen therapy does not keep women from Alzheimer’s.

The article concludes by saying that the large, randomized trials can be trusted but not the small flash-in-the-pan studies touting sensational benefits.

Well, we know that the Diet-Heart hypothesis was rigorously tested and fat has NEVER been found to cause heart disease. The lipid hypothesis is also false. There is no need to lower cholesterol. In fact, people with low cholesterol have a greater risk for heart disease than people with high cholesterol. Too bad President Eisenhower and his team had no knowledge of this. High cholesterol in women is very protective.

Carbohydrates confound all of these issues. If you could remove them as a variable in these studies, they might be more believable. People who don’t eat them suffer from none of the maladies described here. Most of these interventions are only necessary because of carbohydrates. Antioxidants, for example, are only necessary if you eat carbohydrates. Without them, antioxidants are worthless.

I could go on like this all day, but read the article yourself along with the information on this blog and give them some thought. I have nothing to gain from you using your mind. I am not trying to sell you anything. You have everything to gain.

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