Diet Does Not Cure Disease

For years, we’ve been hearing that obesity is associated with all chronic disease. We’ve been told to lose weight to lower our risk. However, Reuters reports that Dieting May Not Curb Disease Risk. Why won’t dieting help ultimately? Because the people tend to gain the weight back.

This is not so much an indictment against the hapless souls unable to maintain their weight loss; rather, it is against the methods used to lose weight. Semi-starvation can only last for so long. At some point, one has to eat and the obvious consequence is that the weight returns. Indeed, the very concept of the diet, as the term is commonly understood, is faulty.

And don’t even get me started on exercise. All of those new year’s resolutions are just about to short-circuit in another month (if they haven’t already).

You gain weight eating particular foods. You eat less of those foods and you lose some weight. You go back to eating those foods normally and the weight returns. Isn’t there something wrong with the foods if that’s what happens? Indeed, the body reaction to those foods is abnormal. That should serve as a wakeup call.

When a person takes a drug and has an adverse reaction to the drug, the person does one of two things. They either stop taking the drug altogether or they reduce their dosage such that symptoms disappear. When the diet is primarily made up of carbohydrates the calories can only be reduced so much before there are diminishing returns such as a slow down in metabolism.

Reducing the intake of toxic foods is not a “change.” It’s only less of the causal agent to begin with. Because of our faulty understanding of the regulation of fat tissue, we refer to the obese as fat and lazy because they are unable to semi-starve themselves enough to become slim (as if that actually worked).

I lost weight and I kept it off because I didn’t go on a diet. I made a change in the way that I eat. Understand that it’s not at all normal for a human being (or any animal for that matter) to fatten barring pregnancy, hibernation, or some other hormonal change necessary for its survival. Fattening for any other reason is the sign of a hormonal imbalance that causes fat tissue regulation to go awry. In this case, it’s the foods that cause a change in insulin which is the primary regulator of fat tissue.

When insulin levels are high, fat accumulation occurs. Some people get fatter than others but the propensity and ease with which we gain (in addition to where we gain) is controlled by genetics. High insulin levels are not harmless regardless of weight gain. Populations that experience steady blood sugar levels do not have chronic disease. Unsteady blood sugar manifests itself most notably in the case of heart attacks.

So to become lean, I had to reverse the process by avoiding foods that affected my blood sugar such that my pancreas had to shoot out high amounts of insulin to counteract. Whenever insulin is present, fat storage occurs. Insulin is necessary to get fat into fat cells. Without it, fat storage does not occur.

Skinny people do have heart attacks, diabetes, cancers, etc. It’s hard to remember that when so much of the focus is on the obese but the facts remain.

Chronic disease is directly or indirectly caused by a defect in metabolism. If you look deep enough, all of them have high levels of insulin at their core. The various diseases manifest themselves in different ways but they are all close enough to be referred to as metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X. This refers to the cluster of diseases that we call “chronic disease” or “diseases of civilization.” Just as there is one cause for this cluster, there is also one cure. Avoid that which makes blood sugar unstable. In other words, avoid carbohydrates.

It’s not so much that meat is healthier than carbohydrates; rather, it can be said that meat is less inflammatory. Sometimes it’s not so much what you do eat but what you don’t eat that makes the difference.

Why not begin experiencing that difference today?

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