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Diet Does Not Cure Disease

Tweet For years, we’ve been hearing that obesity is associated with all chronic disease. We’ve been told to lose weight to lower our risk. However, Reuters reports that Dieting May Not Curb Disease Risk. Why won’t dieting help ultimately? Because the people tend to gain the weight back. This is not so much an indictment […]

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Most Medical Advice is Wrong!

Tweet I really thought about a less inflammatory title, but I just couldn’t come up with one. You may have a hard time believing this and that’s okay. It goes against all your beliefs. But if you are a student of science, where hypotheses are rigorously tested and tried, and you await results prior to […]

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In Praise of the Buffalo

Tweet On our forum, we have an individual who likes to make pemmican using the buffalo. History buffs will note that buffalo supplied the diet for the natives of the Great Plains for centuries. In most populations, their consumption of bison was exclusive. Only the cowboys attempting to push across the country interrupted this symbiont […]

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Got Statins? Beware!

Tweet Reuters Health could not have put it more succinctly: People without heart disease should think twice before taking cholesterol-lowering statins. It does appear that statins lower the risk of heart attack, but how they do so remains a mystery. But now, it appears the results we were fed earlier may have been overstated. The […]

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Nutrition Labels Change Nothing

Tweet This news was not the least bit surprising to me. Researchers from Duke-National University of Singapore (NUS) Graduate Medical School studied the effects of implementing restaurant menu nutrition labels on consumer purchases at restaurants in King County, Wash., the county that includes Seattle. They limited their analysis to one restaurant chain, the Mexican fast-food […]

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