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The Vegan Prodigal

Tweet Every now and then I read an article that just makes me smile. This one did the trick. Here is the story of John Nicholson, who returned from his vegan ways to embrace the wisdom of his grandmother. The new diet is not ZC however the same principles are involved. He significantly cut his […]

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Regulate Sugar?

Tweet I’ve been giving this some thought over the past few days. At first blush, I would utter a resounding NO! We should not allow the government to regulate sugar. Government action usually triggers the “slippery slope” situation where once they begin regulating something, it’s only a matter of time before they regulate something else. […]

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McDonald’s Drops Pink Slimy Stuff!

Tweet Poor McDonald’s just can’t do anything right. Every time they try, they can’t shake the widely-held speculation that they are chiefly responsible for the obesity epidemic. I know you’ve heard it: The reason the children in the inner cities are so fat is because they have little access to fruits and vegetables. Instead, they […]

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