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Fast Food and Metabolic Syndrome

Tweet There is yet another group of researchers trying their best to demonstrate how bad fast food is. If you’re tempted to roll your eyes at this point, I could hardly blame you. This is something that most of us “know” even though we really don’t have a whole lot of proof in the form […]

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Train the Way you Race!

Tweet Last weekend, I participated in the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans half marathon. I completed the race in a time of one hour and thirty-nine minutes. It was far from my best race, but a good start to the season after a few weeks of base mileage. Prior to the race, runners attend a Health and […]

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Save our Troops!

Tweet The article has been available since August of 2012 but I missed it for some reason. The men and women of arguably the greatest fighting force on earth are killing themselves in unprecedented numbers, at least according to the statistics kept. “Suicide is the toughest enemy I have faced in my 37 years in […]

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