About Charles

Leesburg, VA 20k race in August 2008

I was 221 pounds in May 2005.  Lost 43 pounds on a low-fat diet but gained 29 back once I started lifting weights.  Began carbohydrate restriction in January, 2007.  Kept carbohydrates at 30 or less and lost 22 more pounds.  I began to eat zero carbohydrates in the Fall of 2007 and I weighed 164.  My total weight loss was 77 pounds. Now, I weigh about 164. (January, 2012). I got down to 143 but had very little energy and looked like a skeleton. I began to eat more in terms of variety including all meats and my weight went up to where it is presently. It’s important on this particular way of eating to eat until full each and every time.

I began this blog and my zero-carb discussion forum in October of 2008. 

I run many races throughout the spring and summer. I used to post a schedule but it requires too much time to update and maintain so I’ll just blog about particular races from time to time.  This blog and my forum all run on internet sites that are “ad free.”  It thrives on the generous voluntary donations of those who support the zero-carb lifestyle.  If this blog helps you in your quest for good health then you can make a donation here by clicking the icon above. These donations are strictly voluntary and non-refundable.

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