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Save our Troops!

Tweet The article has been available since August of 2012 but I missed it for some reason. The men and women of arguably the greatest fighting force on earth are killing themselves in unprecedented numbers, at least according to the statistics kept. “Suicide is the toughest enemy I have faced in my 37 years in […]

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Link Between Sugar and Mental Illness

Tweet In case you didn’t know, mental instability is also a component of metabolic syndrome. It takes longer to develop but it’s still very much a part of the collection of symptoms. Already, stories are out there showing that the greater amount of insulin circulating in the bloodstream, the less able the body is able […]

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Vegan No More

Tweet I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday. I most certainly did. I returned to find a post on our Facebook page about Tasha, the Voracious! I’ve read accounts such as this many times, but I was impressed not only with the way she responded, but the way she was able to reconcile her […]

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Depressed? You Must Like Chocolate

Tweet Here’s a headline that might surprise you, or maybe not if you’re someone who reaches for comfort foods. Generally, if you ask the public, they will say that chocolate is a good mood food. In other words, if you’re feeling a little down, grab some good, quality chocolate and that could change one’s mood. […]

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A Few Studies that Indicate Change in Thinking

Tweet For all of you looking for a video post this week, I apologize. I didn’t see any headline that fired me up enough to make a video, so hopefully we’ll return to that next week. For now, I’ll touch on a few gems I noted in the New York Times. Since the post-World War […]

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