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Train the Way you Race!

Tweet Last weekend, I participated in the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans half marathon. I completed the race in a time of one hour and thirty-nine minutes. It was far from my best race, but a good start to the season after a few weeks of base mileage. Prior to the race, runners attend a Health and […]

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Excessive Faith in Theories

Tweet After my last blog post, I was taken to task somewhat by a well-meaning individual who sent me an article letting me know that Dr. Sandler’s 50-year old “How to Prevent Heart Attacks” has grown weak with the passage of time, since we’re so much smarter now. Has it? Since we obviously cannot cure […]

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Fat Related Cancer for Everyone

Tweet The cancer advocacy group released a report Friday showing that the developing world’s share of cancer deaths worldwide is increasing. In 2008, there were 4.8 million cancer deaths in developing countries — up from 4.7 million the previous year — out of the 7.6 million deaths worldwide. A separate report, meanwhile, estimates that 340,000 […]

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Beware of Captain Obvious!

Tweet Imagine a scenario where you observe a group of three friends. Two of them are trying to figure out a situation. Say that they are at the mall and two of the three go to find the car when it’s time to leave. They drove a black SUV to the mall. They are standing […]

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Exercise No Help Against Bad Diet

Tweet I’ve written many times that one cannot out run or out lift a bad diet. It’s amazing to me how many people think that this is possible. It’s not. Get over it already. If you eat carbohydrates, you have a great chance of ruining your metabolism such that you will gain weight as you […]

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