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Olive Oil or Meat?

Tweet You might have seen this headline touting the efficacy of the Mediterranean Diet over the low-fat diet. Not really a surprise to those of us eating an all-meat diet but you may wonder why it is that we don’t give up these delicious steaks and ribs and just opt for some olive oil on […]

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The Cholesterol Hypothesis

“The percent of fat” in the blood, he wrote, “rises with the severity of the disease…and is especially related to the quantity of carbohydrate, which is being oxidized, rather than with the fat administered.”

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Excessive Faith in Theories

Tweet After my last blog post, I was taken to task somewhat by a well-meaning individual who sent me an article letting me know that Dr. Sandler’s 50-year old “How to Prevent Heart Attacks” has grown weak with the passage of time, since we’re so much smarter now. Has it? Since we obviously cannot cure […]

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Getting Fatter

Tweet The news on weight only gets worse. The excuses and recommendations remain the same — completely ineffectual. The doctors believe that no one is listening to them. They think it’s a simple matter of eating less and exercising more. The fact is that in 1995, there was not a single state with an obesity […]

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Fatty Liver and Toxic Sugar

Tweet In Science Daily, there was a rather peculiar article regarding reducing liver fat. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of what happens when people perform a science experiment while holding preconceived notions as to what the outcome will be. Science is supposed to be an exploration of the unknown with no preconceptions. […]

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