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Coca Cola and Lance Armstrong

” I’m not urging the government to step in and block your ability to enjoy Coca-Cola or to wear LiveStrong bracelets. I’m appealing to you to make those choices for your health and your integrity. Restrict your consumption of sugar and support other cancer agencies that don’t cheat in order to make a profit. That sends the clearest message.”

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Excessive Faith in Theories

Tweet After my last blog post, I was taken to task somewhat by a well-meaning individual who sent me an article letting me know that Dr. Sandler’s 50-year old “How to Prevent Heart Attacks” has grown weak with the passage of time, since we’re so much smarter now. Has it? Since we obviously cannot cure […]

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Coffee and Doughnuts Provide Brain Boost

Tweet This headline is almost funny except there are so many people that will believe it unequivocally. Indeed, it’s not surprising that people feel an energy boost after ingesting high amounts of sugar and caffeine. Before we examine why this is, let’s see what they had to say in the study. In a study published […]

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You Should Ditch Diet Soda

Tweet When the low-carb craze was in vogue, there were many people who had instant success but somewhere along the line the wheels came off and they succumbed to carbs and the weight came back with a vengeance. I understand, I truly do. I never really understood the reasoning though. I have a wonderful great […]

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Trans Fats Can Be Deadly

Tweet Especially, for women. Trans fats are often found in processed foods, margarine, or shortening, and in fried foods. They are commonly added to food products to extend their shelf life. I know it’s difficult for people to imagine, but once upon a time we didn’t have our food shipped across the country in order […]

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