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Save our Troops!

Tweet The article has been available since August of 2012 but I missed it for some reason. The men and women of arguably the greatest fighting force on earth are killing themselves in unprecedented numbers, at least according to the statistics kept. “Suicide is the toughest enemy I have faced in my 37 years in […]

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In Praise of the Buffalo

Tweet On our forum, we have an individual who likes to make pemmican using the buffalo. History buffs will note that buffalo supplied the diet for the natives of the Great Plains for centuries. In most populations, their consumption of bison was exclusive. Only the cowboys attempting to push across the country interrupted this symbiont […]

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Pemmican! The World’s Greatest Travel Food

Tweet If you don’t know the history of pemmican, then just search for it on this site. For the rest of you, if you ever wanted to make it, check out this video collection. This is the best guide I’ve ever seen. Very well done by one of our beloved members on the Discussion Forum. […]

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Fatty Foods May Help Pilots Concentrate

Tweet That was the surprising finding of a new military-funded study that sought to figure out what types of foods were best for pilots when missions restricted when or what they could eat. University of North Dakota researchers found that pilots who ate the fattiest foods such as butter or gravy had the quickest response […]

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Pemmican in Transition

Tweet This series will examine how pemmican went from being the staple of the fur trade era diet to one that was marginalized. Pemmican has been described by many famous and influential people as being the most concentrated and nutrient-dense ration known to man yet became a marginal and even forgotten item. How did this […]

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