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Coca Cola and Lance Armstrong

” I’m not urging the government to step in and block your ability to enjoy Coca-Cola or to wear LiveStrong bracelets. I’m appealing to you to make those choices for your health and your integrity. Restrict your consumption of sugar and support other cancer agencies that don’t cheat in order to make a profit. That sends the clearest message.”

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Excessive Faith in Theories

Tweet After my last blog post, I was taken to task somewhat by a well-meaning individual who sent me an article letting me know that Dr. Sandler’s 50-year old “How to Prevent Heart Attacks” has grown weak with the passage of time, since we’re so much smarter now. Has it? Since we obviously cannot cure […]

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McDonald’s Drops Pink Slimy Stuff!

Tweet Poor McDonald’s just can’t do anything right. Every time they try, they can’t shake the widely-held speculation that they are chiefly responsible for the obesity epidemic. I know you’ve heard it: The reason the children in the inner cities are so fat is because they have little access to fruits and vegetables. Instead, they […]

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Getting Fatter

Tweet The news on weight only gets worse. The excuses and recommendations remain the same — completely ineffectual. The doctors believe that no one is listening to them. They think it’s a simple matter of eating less and exercising more. The fact is that in 1995, there was not a single state with an obesity […]

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Prejudiced Doctors

Tweet I’ve always maintained that the biggest problem with the modern medical community is their overconfidence. On the one hand, they’ve become very good at keeping us alive and applying band-aids to chronic disease. Their biggest shortcoming is that they can’t cure practically anything. Some of it is their fault but most of it is […]

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